WOW! Our first time exhibiting at Wondercon was a dream come true. We’ve been working on this indie comic series for a few years now and getting to the level of Wondercon Artist’s Alley has been a goal since the beginning. It far exceeded our expectations and we sold more books in one weekend than we ever have before! We met so many comic fans of all ages and backgrounds. We saw familiar faces from LA Comic Con and LBCC 2018. We turned strangers into new fans! Spreading the joy of reading comics to young readers is our creators’ overall mission and seeing parents stop and turn and get their kids to flip through our books and having their eyes light up just gets us right in the feels every single time!

Hopefully we can continue to exhibit at Wondercon in the years to come and branch out to many more cons out there. If you want us to come to your local con, feel free to reach out on our social media @spacecasecomic! We love engaging with our fans and making this book series a conversation :)

Thanks Wondercon. You were wonderful.