We are thrilled to announce that we will be exhibiting at Wondercon 2019 in Anaheim! This convention has been a goal of ours since we started issue #1. It’s great exposure for us and a great way to meet more comic creators and fans. We cannot wait to be there for 3 days on March 29-31 at the Anaheim Convention Center. We’ll be selling issues #1 and #2, official stickers, buttons, postcards etc. and doing special giveaways! Definitely stop by and say hi! If you ask, we’ll show you some sneak peeks of issue #3, which we’re illustrating right now :)


BIG NEWS! We are truly excited to announce that SPACE CASE is now available on Comixology, the best comic reading app on the market. To be among the digital library alongside the likes of Marvel, DC, Boom! Studios, and Image Comics is a dream come true. Now anyone with an Amazon account can find our books, download with a single tap, and read on their favorite device, such an iPad or Kindle. The guided view technology allows for a reading experience like none other. It creates an immersive, animated version of our comic that’s awesome for all ages. We look forward to spreading the joy of reading comics around the globe and growing our fanbase. If you do purchase and enjoy, please consider rating us 5 stars! We appreciate it :)

Fan Art + Designercon!

Probably the greatest thing that’s ever happened to us is seeing the FAN ART created by kids who have read our comics. The kids from the schools we’ve visited and the cons we’ve tabled at have sent us their colorful, incredible fan art of our heroes and it truly blows us away each time! We love sparking imagination in our readers and getting them drawing and reading and writing more. Keep ‘em coming! Tag us! We’ll repost them all :)

Another weekend, another con! Hazen tabled  at Designercon in Anaheim. A 3 day celebration of original designs from some of the best artists working today. He was honored to display his art, t-shirts, buttons, stickers, and of course SPACE CASE!! It was a blast! He even got more fan art from one of our favorite fans from LA COMIC CON! Can’t wait to keep going to more cons and meeting more awesome fans in person :)


Writer/Creator Drew Dorenfest had the privilege of speaking about SPACE CASE at Adat Ari El school in Los Angeles for their Language Arts night. It truly was a wonderful evening about the power of the written word. Students displayed their poetry, short stories, and hand drawn picture books for the whole school to see. They were then invited to the library to come listen to Drew speak about the process of creating SPACE CASE COMIC. They had very insightful questions that Drew was happy to answer such as “Do you work digitally or on paper?” (Digitally!) and then Drew signed some copies for those who wanted to take issues home. Finally, before leaving, Drew was happy to donate a copy of each issue to the school’s library! It was an honor to be invited by such an amazing school.



Our first trip to L.A. Comic Con was an absolute joy! We met so many cool comics fans of all ages and we sold a ton of our books… so a total win! One little girl came up to our booth all excited going, “Space Case! Yes! I love it!” and we learned that she had actually discovered our comic on the shelf of her local shop (Comics vs Toys in Eagle Rock) and she had read both issues 5 times already! Of course we signed a few issues for her and her super cool parents got some more issues for her classroom to enjoy.

We met many curious kids and creative adults over the course of 3 days. The discount bundle (issues #1 and #2 at a discount) was by far our top selling item. If you read issue #1, you GOTTA read issue #2 to see what happens next. After day 1, we had many people asking when issue #3 will be available because they had already devoured the first two issues when they got home! Los Angeles is home to writer/creator Drew Dorenfest, so it was awesome getting to meet the energized local comic audience. Seriously… we can’t wait to do it again next year!