Our first trip to L.A. Comic Con was an absolute joy! We met so many cool comics fans of all ages and we sold a ton of our books… so a total win! One little girl came up to our booth all excited going, “Space Case! Yes! I love it!” and we learned that she had actually discovered our comic on the shelf of her local shop (Comics vs Toys in Eagle Rock) and she had read both issues 5 times already! Of course we signed a few issues for her and her super cool parents got some more issues for her classroom to enjoy.

We met many curious kids and creative adults over the course of 3 days. The discount bundle (issues #1 and #2 at a discount) was by far our top selling item. If you read issue #1, you GOTTA read issue #2 to see what happens next. After day 1, we had many people asking when issue #3 will be available because they had already devoured the first two issues when they got home! Los Angeles is home to writer/creator Drew Dorenfest, so it was awesome getting to meet the energized local comic audience. Seriously… we can’t wait to do it again next year!