going global

Our independent comic has officially gone global! We’re so happy to announce that we’ve landed on the shelves of Comic Odyssey in the Philippines. So many thanks to our amazing inker Gene Magora for taking us international! Next stop, the rest of the galaxy!

Additionally, for those stateside, we’re now on sale at Comics vs Toys in Eagle Rock! We love hanging out in Eagle Rock and being available for purchase at the local comic shop is truly amazing to us!

We Returned To La Tribu Elementary!

The day after Long Beach Comic Con, writer/creator Drew Dorenfest and artist extraordinaire Hazen Becker went to La Tribu Elementary to give copies of issue #2 to every student! Six months after delivering issue #1 to these same students, it was an amazing experience returning and bringing Hazen so that they could meet the artist and ask questions about the process of creating comic books. Their curiosity blew us away! They were so funny and smart and had wild ideas for future adventures of our intergalactic saga. As we were leaving Hazen remarked, “Wow. I wish we could do something like this every day.” Later, the teacher told Drew that the kids were totally inspired and were reading issue #2 all day long!

Issue #2 Debuts at Long Beach Comic Con 2018!

This past weekend was one of the best weekends imaginable! We officially launched the sale of Space Case Issue #2 at Long Beach Comic Con 2018. It was our first ever con appearance and we were not quite sure what to expect. Much to our pleasant surprise, we sold TONS of copies of both issues of Space Case to so many awesome comics fans, parents, and most importantly… YOUNG READERS! We saw so many kids’ eyes light up when they saw a book that was made for their enjoyment. We made this book for all ages to enjoy, but especially kids. It’s the books we wish we had available to read when we were kids. Overall it was a rewarding, joyous experience we will never forget. We can’t wait for our next con appearance at LA Comic Con 2018!

Creator/Writer Drew Dorenfest visits La Tribu Elementary!

Drew Dorenfest was given the unbelievably cool opportunity to speak to the students of La Tribu Elementary in Los Angeles, CA about SPACE CASE and how to create comics. The passion for reading and writing that the students of La Tribu showed was so inspiring and unforgettable. They had great questions about every little part of our comic book and Drew was happy to engage with them and give them a behind-the-scenes look at creating comic books from scratch. He presented the class with a fun writing exercise where they had to create a 3-panel comic strip and gave examples from Calvin & Hobbes (a major Space Case inspiration) to get their imaginations going. It was a whirlwind of activity and fun that we hope to continue at other schools in the future!