written by Drew Dorenfest

SPACE CASE is Drew Dorenfest's first comic.  He's been a fan of comics, graphic novels, and animation pretty much his entire life and felt he should create a comic book that would encourage and inspire young readers to find reading SUPER EXCITING AND FUN.  He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Aimee, and they are big fans of pizza, Netflix on the couch, emojis, and walking to get coffee/sandwiches.  He can be found tweeting (sometimes): @drew_dorenfest.

illustrated by hazen becker

This is Hazen's first comic project with Drew, but he has many other illustrations and comics available on his awesome tumblr!  He's the real hero here.  A multi-talented artist currently based in San Diego, Hazen is a big fan of gaming, comics, and Adult Swim cartoons.  He can be found tweeting (way more often than Drew): @HazenBecker.